Frequently Asked Questions

All the cars are thoroughly inspected to confirm that there is no difference between the actual specifications and those on the specification sheet.

You can send us message or mail , or let us know by whatsapp.

Usually, we have more than a 40 cars in our regular inventory. In addition, you can have access to about 150 cars a week.

Because of high frequency of credit card fraud, we don’t accept payment by credit card. We only accept payment by telegraphic transfer to our designated bank account from your bank.

We cannot tell you the exact time for your car to be delivered to you as it completely depends on the shipping schedule. Usually, it takes 4 to 8 days.

Yes, shipping charges will be according to the delivery estination, mostly probably between 20000 yen to 70000 yen depending upon how far its is.

Yes you can if there’s a valid reason for it or else there will be minimum cancellation fees.

Soon will be exporting, for now we are working on it.

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    Takasaqi Automotive is a humble team of passionate people serving our clients to reach their automotive needs.We are certified to do business in japan but further we will be exporting cars to overseas customers and spreading our business overseas too
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